Special Message by Chief Financial Officer About Swisscash 2006 – Current and Future

August 9, 2006 at 2:55 pm 2 comments

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 Special Message by Chief Financial Officer About Swisscash 2006 – Current and Future


Posted: 12 Jan 2006 1:18:05 PM

SwissCash 2006 – OUR FUTURE!

Greetings to all Investors, Regional Directors, Financial Consultants and Planners of SwissCash.


1.In 2005, our investors had a total investment of approximately USD113.2 million. That is a massive 13% increase from our intended expectations. A big thank you to every individual who worked hard in promoting the image and financial facility of SwissCash and Swiss Mutual Fund.

2.We had paid a total of USD19.6 million for SFP Commissions. A very huge pay out by any Financial Industry for those who are responsible to promote our businesses.

3.We had paid a total of USD8.4 million for SAP Commissions.

4.USD4.1 million SRP Commissions had been paid.

5.We had paid a total of USD40.6 million SIP Profits.

6.On average, an investor made investments of USD10765 per trading account.

A total of USD72.7million profits and commissions had been paid out to our SwissCash investors, financial planners and consultants in the first 8 months. Such is our successful achievement.


The global economy especially the equity market has been outperformed in every market that we are involved in, from Europe to America to Hong Kong and Japan. I would like you to know that our entire investors fund had achieved very good returns in every sector of our investment. All funds are diversified in many sectors such as the Money Market, Commodities, Equities and many others. Personally I am very happy to tell you that the Equity Sector has generate very good performance so far.


Critics of SwissCash is loud because many industries from Financials to Networkings and even conventional businesses claims that SwissCash or even as a matter of fact, Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) is not a genuine company. I am least concerned about these claims and unfounded critics. I believe so long as our fund is performing well and we pay all investors on time, you and I will be the happiest man on earth.

Our management team had received many emails and phone enquiries and requests from self proclaimed due diligence companies who want to know more about our investment strategies. My main duty as CFO and my teams’ main objective is to produce returns for all your investment, not to entertain these culprits or amateurs.

I am least interested to address those critics and building SwissCash market personally because from the results and the reports of my Marketing and Technical Directors in Asia, Europe and Latin America, I can assure all sincere investors that they are doing a great job. I believe many of SwissCash Investors are trying to introduce our financial plan to potential investors who may have not encounter such profits return thus facing many negative feedbacks that reaches my attention. The past three decades of experience in financial planning tells me that Investment is on a Willing Basis. Some people are natural born non-investors or non-risk takers. Some are followers, some are laggards when it comes to investment and even worse, some will NEVER. If you push your way through, you will find many negative feedbacks that actually demoralizes yourself while you are enjoying good returns from your investments. You should be a happy man if not happiest man on earth!

Every investment no matter how great the returns or profits, just cannot satisfy or cater for everybody. I had met some of my clients and assured them a return of 300-1000% in 6 months with only 20% downside but they could not accept it! So, 300% in 15 months will definitely have some rejections as well. That is part and parcel of life. Do not push SC Financial Plan to your prospects. Just share with them but do not expect all to accept the incredible returns from SwissCash. It’s really okay. SwissCash will stay and you do not have to worry that if your friends do not want to accept this opportunity, it will be gone next week or next year.

Let me remind you again that SwissCash Management is not desperate for Investment Fund. We are not in a hurry to attract big amount of funds to come into SwissCash as SwissCash Fund is attached to Swiss Mutual Funds’ multiple investment portfolios. Small or big amount, SwissCash Financial Facility will perform well under the proven mechanism of Swiss Mutual Fund.

Please do not expect to meet myself personally to talk about SwissCash promotion strategies to attract more investors or how to help you to build your financial network. I have received much invitation to come to Asia and Latin America. Trust me; you don’t want me to be there because you need me here to take care of your investment returns. My team and I is only concerned about producing great investment returns because you and my financial future depends on it! Also I am sure the Regional Directors whom the Company had engaged will be the best candidate for any investors to look upon and to seek any advises as they are the Best of the Best.


What is in for 2006?

Just to update you on some of the possible great things that is coming your way…

1. Our Team is studying the feasibility to launch another investment product beside SIP15300. Awesome isn’t it? Well, trust my team and myself to produce the best investment strategy for you. No promises however as it could come sometime in the year 2007.

2. We are looking forward to improve on our Customer Service Management. As SwissCash is a new financial tool in Swiss Mutual Fund therefore the company is still looking into rooms for improvement for the public. We do not entertain direct call in from the public or unidentified source. One of the reasons is because of the services we are providing are only to our selected corporate clients. This might look unfriendly from the Investors point of view and I regret to say that this is our Company Policy. When we kick-off SwissCash Financial Facility in Swiss Mutual Fund we were not expecting much problems as this financial tool is so simple to understand. If you invest, you earn your profits. If you don’t then that is it. Personally I am more interested to improve the efficiency of our online customer management system rather than tele-services as we are dealing with tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of investors who may come from different background or industries. We would never want to be entangled into unnecessary conversations or possible confrontations. A written solution is always better than an oral conversation.

3. We are looking forward to increase the security and user-friendly mechanisms of our Swiss e-Banking Facility. It is easier said than done as we have to take into account that majority of our Investors are still very new to online Trading and Investment modules especially investors in the Asia. If we implement too many protocols and other security directories it may result to investors losing interests even to login or read my monthly news update!

4. Mobile Technology. This is one area that we will have huge differences and upgrading this year. You can expect our Technical Team to come out with major mobile solutions that will give you ease of transactions when accessing your SwissCash Financial Portal.

5. Multiple language website and web applications. We will be launching our new English Website this January, Chinese in February and Latin Spanish in March. Other languages will be added from time to time as our targeted market grows.


In conclusion, year 2006 and 2007 is basically a growing year for SwissCash. Beyond 2007 we could possibly start to go more in-depth into our financial facilities because SwissCash Funds will reach Billions of dollars and we are expected to have at least 100,000 global Investors.

I will all of you to look forward to the next few years with full of confidence and energetic enthusiasm as both SwissCash and Swiss Mutual Fund will be growing on the right track. You are definitely putting your financial future with the right team of people. I assure you all.

I thank you all for a great performance in year 2005. 2006 will be greater and more exciting. Be part of us and share this great opportunity with your loved ones.

“It is good if you are the richest among your neighbors, families, friends and colleagues. But it is even better to have richer neighbors, families, friends and colleagues.”

Michael Mansfield
CFO SwissCash
The Global Financial Facility of Swiss Mutual Fund (1948)



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  • 1. maini  |  July 14, 2007 at 8:12 am

    Now after the website was band by government, we never received any news from swisscash anymore. I would like to know whether I can get back my money or not…that’s all I want to know…..

  • 2. meeky  |  August 20, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    I know this site pays as per their declarations, but since 18th Aug site is not available on net.I want to know exect time when will it restore?


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