Swisscash News – First Anivesary Rewards

September 5, 2006 at 12:27 am

Dear Regional Directors, Financial Planners, Consultants and Investors

Effective 1st April 2006, in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary of SwissCash (SC); I hereby proudly announce that SC will give an extra bonus to our Investors. This bonus is related to the amount of e-points that is available in your Swiss e-Banking Account at the end of everyday (0:00:00 System Time). For a minimum balance of $1,000 (USD) and above, SwissCash will pay you an annual Interest of 36.5%, payable every single day (0.1% per day) into your Swiss e-Banking account.

Interest Rate: 36.5% per annum = 0.1% per calendar day

Payment Frequency: Daily

Minimum Payable Principal in Swiss e-Bank: $1,000 (USD)

As you may know, our funds are performing very well, therefore we have been thinking of ways to reward our investors. The management comes to this conclusion bearing in mind that this move will encourage our global investors to maintain a healthy balance in their Swiss e-Banking account for the purpose of:

1. Facilitating the growth of SC business through Internal Transfer, and

2. Getting ready for future financial products of SC that will be launched after 2007.

This new financial facility will give an extra edge to SC business growth. It is also a testimonial of our fund performance through out this past 1 year in the global market. Critics were fast to mention that SC will not last more than a year. At 1 year old, we have decided to pay investors an extra 36.5% per annum!

Towards this new vision, we strongly advise our Investors to portray SC as the truly financial solutions of today and years beyond. Please do not associate SC Financial Facility with any local Money Scam or Laundering facility in your own geographical location. I had also instructed our Back Office Administrator to only entertain inquiries that is related to the technical aspect of our business operation from 1st April onwards. We will no longer answer inquiries that are irrelevant with a global financial facility which has already been operational for 1 year with excellent track record in the global market.

Our operator will stop entertaining any inquiries with regards to SC business facilities. All inquiries must be in written form through emails or Swiss Messenger System for proper recording and referencing in case of future disputes.

I thank you all for your contribution but I urged a more serious approach and commitment from those who had embraced SC as your personal business. All of us share the responsibility to upkeep the image and reputation of this Financial Facility. I will personally take care of your money. My team will make sure our System is running smoothly 24 hours with minimum down time. In return I wish all the marketing personnel out there who are promoting this financial facility and who are getting paid with extraordinary bonuses to make sure SC remains as the best-promoted financial facility.

I personally thank you all and owe our success to all of you who have committed your trust to us since Day-1.

Best Regards

Michael Mansfield



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