Compilations of FAQ at Swisscash main websites and FAQ being asked by Swisscash Investor to Swiss Mutual Fund admin..

What is a “Trading ID”?

A Trading ID is a specific identification assigned by SwissCash to each new investor when they register with our financial organization. This ID will be used together with a security password to log in to your trading account online. A trading ID appears on all SwissCash confirmations and transactions that you requested. You are to quote your Trading ID at all time whenever you interact with SwissCash. Your Trading ID will be used as “Referrer ID” when you recommend/invite a friend to the SwissCash Financial Platform.

When did SwissCash start?

SwissCash is a project pioneered in the year 2005 as a sector of Swiss Mutual Fund (1948) S.A.

What is an SIP?

The SwissCash Investment Plan (SIP) is an Investment Facility provided by SwissCash to Investors who do not have the know-how to invest in the global market. An Investor will invest any amount from a minimum of 100 USD with a fixed return that usually averages at 20% of Principal Investment per month.

How many SIPs are available for Investment in the SwissCash Financial Platform at one time?

There can be one (1) to many depending on investment opportunities available.

How long will an SIP for example SIP15300, exist for investors to take part in?

This depends on the amount of Investment that an SIP is targeting. Some SIPs aim to collect a total of 200 million USD while another might target 500 million USD. Once the target is reached, that particular SIP will no longer be available to any investor.

What happen when any particular SIP is no longer available for SwissCash Investors?

There is no need to worry; the SwissCash Financial Platform offers many SIPs at any given time.

Does all SIPs offer the same returns?

All SIP pays investors with different frequency, duration and percentage. However all SIPs will on average yield investors a return of 20% per 30 calendar days.

Why does SwissCash returns for investors average at 20% per 30 calendar days?

On average, every 30 calendar days will have 20 Trading days on the global stock market and the commodities and futures market. Therefore, with an average of a 1% return per day, 20 Trading days will yield 20% returns to our Investor per 30 Calendar Days which is almost equivalent to a month.

Does SwissCash provide transparency on their investment for SIP investors?

No. We cannot possibly explain to everyone how we place, invest and trade their money. Investors may invest USD1,000, 10,000, or 50,000 on an SIP but SwissCash might place USD 5 million in a South African company’s shares, 12 million in a Japanese Tech company’s shares that will be listed next week, or USD 50 million into the crude oil market and many more projects. The quantum of investment in an SIP could not possibly allow SwissCash to explain in detail how their funds are managed.

What is an SAP?

The SwissCash Affiliate Program (SAP) is a specially designed module for Swiss Financial Planner who can promote our Financial Facility to the global community. An investor who has invested a minimum of USD1,000 with SwissCash will have the chance to build his or her career as a Swiss Financial Planner. A financial planner can then introduce new investors to SwissCash and be rewarded with large commissions.

What is an SFP?

Our SwissCash Financial Plan (SFP) gives our Financial Consultants an opportunity for financial freedom. A financial planner needs to reach a specific monthly group investment target for SwissCash in order to claim the status and rewards.

Why an offshore investment?

Offshore countries offer more flexible financial environments, taxation schemes and regulations to Swiss’s clients and, consequently, more stable and higher returns on their investments. You would not want your 300% SIP to be reduced to 150% because a particular country in which we operate has imposed a 50% corporate tax on SwissCash.

Is my Income from SwissCash tax free?

SwissCash advises its investors to manage their income utilizing the right tax regime. If you live in a country with high tax regime, SwissCash can help you set up International Business Corporation (IBC) in offshore countries together with banking account with International Banks.

How secure is my registration information?

Registration information for SwissCash investors is extremely secure, using modern encryption and security technologies. Read our online privacy notice for more information.How long does it take for an application to be confirmed?

Once you have registered online, you will receive a Trading Account ID which you will use to log in once your application has been approved. You are given 14 calendar days to Activate your Trading account by paying USD30. Failure to do so will result in your Trading account being automatically closed by our system.

If I were to Wire/ TT the money for the investment plan today from my local bank, how long will it take for my investment to be effective?

Once you have sent a Wire/ TT from your local bank, it usually takes 3-5 working days for the funds to reach Swiss Mutual Fund’s bank account. Within 24 hours we will credit your e-bank account with e-points equivalent to the amount of USD that we received. Once you have the e-points in your e-bank account you can choose to activate your account and then proceed with your chosen investment amount.

How do I obtain information about the progress of my investment?

You can log in to your online account and check the progress of your investment through our Swiss Banking Facility as well as through Swiss Investment Reports.

How do I withdraw my returns from Swiss Banking Facility?

Log in to your Member Area, then go to “Out-going Money Transfer” and fill in all the banking details of the account to which you want your money to be Wired/TT. The SwissCash Financial Department will take 3-5 working days to process it and the funds will be wired directly to your bank account anywhere in the world. All wired charges (estimated at USD20-30 per USD1000 withdrawal) will be borne by the Beneficiary.

Is there a “Surrender Policy” for SIP?

No. All Investment is bound by contract whereby SwissCash will accept an investor’s principal investment; in return the Investors accept the fixed payment schedule as defined by the SIP that an investor chooses. SIPs do not work based on the principle of a “Fixed Deposit” offered by commercial banks. No one is able to withdraw his principal investment in an SIP but he or she is eligible to withdraw all the fixed returns at any time.

What is the difference between commercial banks’ “Fixed Deposit” with SwissCash’s SIP?

FD yields you a return of 1-7% per annum depending on the bank while an SIP will yield you an average of 20% per month equivalent to 240% per annum. You are able to “surrender” your FD Contract at any time and collect back your Principal, but SwissCash’s SIPs do not have a “Surrender” Policy. You are not able to collect your Principal midway through or even after the completion of the program.

Why is SwissCash is able to offer such high returns for SIP Programs?

Let’s put it this way: If an investor invests USD1,000,000 with Swiss Mutual Fund and we promise to trade his or her money in the International Market today and yield him back USD1,010,000 in one Trading Day, that will be considered a low return. Keep in mind that a 10,000 return on 1,000,000 is 1% per day. On average, there are 20 Trading Days per 30 Calendar days. Therefore, SwissCash’s SIP payment of 20% per calendar month is a moderate return rate. International Banks such as Citibank occasionally offer Investors a 700% returns per annum for a minimum of USD10 million deposits.

How does SwissCash derive its profit?

SwissCash derives its profit from Daily Compounded Returns. The above scenario suggests that 20 Trading Days will yield 20% Returns. In reality, we will be trading USD1,010, 000 instead of USD1,000, 000 on the 2nd trading day. So the 1% return will be USD10,100. However, please remember this is only a simple scenario and through our holding company, Swiss Mutual Fund; SwissCash Investors’ funds are diversified into many baskets of investment that are very capable of yielding returns of up to 30-50% on a monthly basis.

Why SwissCash wants to set up a business module of mass participation? Since Swiss Mutual Fund has excellent business model, why does it need so many investors whose quantum of investment range from USD100 to USD100,000?

We have to look back to the SwissCash Vision which is to create millionaires out of ordinary individuals in many corners of the world. We hope these Swiss Millionaires will continue to support future financial products offered by SMF.

Can I add my investment with payments sent directly from my bank account?

Yes, you can increase your investment by sending your payments directly to us from any bank account.

What can I do if I do not wish to withdraw my returns?

We recommend you to reinvest your returns in order to achieve your financial goals in a shorter period of time.

When doing a Wire Transfer of fund, who would have to bear the transaction cost?

All Wire charges must be borne by the sender. Every Wire/TT must add an additional USD20 – 30 (Estimated ; varies from bank to bank from different countries) processing charges.

Let’s say 6 months into my investment plan, I would like to increase my investment, how would I go about it?

All you need to do is to Wire Transfer the investment amount to us and inform us of your additional investment through our “Swiss Payment Transfer: Wired Payment Notification“ function which is available in your online Swiss Trading Account.

Can we get a copy of Swiss Mutual Fund’s financial reports for the past few years?

All of Swiss’s clients’ Investment Portfolios are strictly classified. We do not publish any specified Financial Papers or Reports to members of the public nor declare our business to any 3rd party other than the judicial body in the land where we operate

Why is Swiss Mutual Fund not publicly listed in any major global stock market despite managing billions of dollars in funds?

Firstly, many International private fund management teams and companies who manage tens of billions of dollars are not publicly listed due to their business operation modules as well as trade secrets and dealings with publicly listed companies in the major financial market. Public listing for companies such as SMF will make us lose our edge to our peers and make us lose our major clients. Public Listing in the major financial market of the world requires a company such as SMF to sacrifice many of its business practice and investment strategies that have performed very well for decades. Such a move will raise a huge sum of money from the Initial Public Offering (IPO) but lose the edge that makes SMF a leading brand for the past 60 years. However, we do not rule out such possibilities in the future, especially in regards to SwissCash Financial Facility.

Here are the Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) not listed in the company’s FAQ ( The listed questions have being asked to Swisscash’s Admin and here are the replied ); updated: June 20, 2006

QUESTION: Hi! Your IP address is registered in Malaysia and for a period of 1 year only. Are you a Malaysian company? why 1 year?

ANSWER: Our database and ftp servers are situated in US as well as other places. We do have mail servers in Malaysia, Hong Kong,Australia, UK, Brazil and US. If you trace the source of our mail servers from the email that you received, you will find that its IP

could originate from any of these countries.

If you are referring to domain name registration, it is on an auto yearly renewal basis. The date of Registration and Expiry is on yearly basis as well. You do not have to worry about this matter.

We are not registered in Malaysia, therefore we are not a Malaysian company.

QUESTION: The language on your welcome messages are filled with errors very common to Chinese in Malaysia. Please comment. Even in the CEO statement such errors are made.

ANSWER: We hope you are kind enough to point out the mistakes you have came across. Various people in various countries have different way of communicating in English. We do not know how Chinese in Malaysia speaks their English. However we apologize if our presentation misled your understanding on our financial facility.

QUESTION: When I called the US office, the guy was very evasive and said someone will call me back but no one did.

ANSWER: Our customer service does not call back to investors because we do not entertain people who calls up to enquire about our financial facilities that caters for public such as SwissCash. You have to understand that people call up everyday speaking to our customer

service team in Latin Spanish, Portuguese, Tamil, Chinese dialects, Russian, Germans and all sort of languages. We cannot possibly entertain all our global investors’ needs.

All necessary information has been provided in the website and one can always use the Swiss Messenger to communicate with us. We are schedule to launch our multiple language website early next year. By then, we hope you can understand our website presentation in your preferred local language.

QUESTION: Due Diligence Board says that this programme is a scam as no transparency is in place. please comment.

ANSWER: It would be good if you can tell us you hire which Due Diligence Board to make enquiries on SMF or SC. If you are referring to companies that you simply search on directories or websites, you have to first determine their credibility. Many people claims to be

from Due Diligence board all over the world called up or even emailed us but we do not even entertain them because we do not even know if they are genuine.

QUESTION: Why is money wired to Cyprus when the company is based in Dominica?

ANSWER: Commonwealth of Dominica is an offshore heaven for International Business Corporations due to taxation matters but we do not trust the banking facility. Cyprus is one of the best European Union nation with flexible financial systems that caters well for our

clients and our companies.

Mr.logps with all due respect; you are not the 1st person or even the 10,000th person who is dealing with SMF or SC. Many big corporations (for the past nearly 60 years) as well as individual investors before you had done their homework, invest with SMF/SC and enjoy our

financial facilities. We understand your concern but it seems very unfounded.

QUESTION: If I sign up a Swiss Cash account now under my name now and decide

to sell the account away to someone else later. Is it possible to change the ownership (name) of the account?

ANSWER: Transferring of ownership of account can be made provided all necessary documents are provided and is approved by our management. We would require a letter from the current owner as well as copy of Identity Card/Passport of both persons involved. We will then forward all necessary information to our management for their approval.

QUESTION: What happens when an investor passes away? Who can get access to

the account?ANSWER: Investors are encouraged to inform SwissCash of their next of kin in case such situation arises. Investors can do so in their online trading account under Swiss Personal Info- Edit Personal Info. The beneficiary will have to scan a copy of the death certificate and

their own Identification Card/Passport and e-mail to service@… for verification.

QUESTION: We have come across a friend who claimed that he had checked with the Swiss Embassy in Singapore about the existence of Swiss Mutual Fund. He said he was told by the Embassy that no record of establishment of Swiss Mutual Fund was found as per the Embassy’s record. Could there be any specific reason to this? We hope that this would be clear as many people have expressed concern over this issue.

ANSWER: We are not involved with the operation of Swiss Embassy, thus we cannot comment on that. Anyway, Swiss Mutual Fund does not incorporate itself in Switzerland for more than 7 years, it is only logical if no such record is available from the Embassy.

QUESTION: Is there any specific reason why SMF open the bank account at Federal Bank of the MIddle East Limited, Nicosia, Cyprus. Even thought we know this is a very big bank. But the company registered in Commonwealth of Domanica and office is New York?

ANSWER: Commonwealth of Dominica is an offshore haven for International Business Corporations due to taxation matters but we do not trust the banking facility. Cyprus is one of the best European Union nation with flexible financial systems that caters well for our clients and our companies all these years.

QUESTION: May i know where did you invest our money?

ANSWER: We are sorry to inform you that how SwissCash Global Investors fund are managed is part of SMF Private Investment Policy. SwissCash financial facility does not function by explaining to its investors how their money are invested. It functions by paying a fixed return for the investment made. Swiss Mutual Fund has and will always do investment with only legitimate business. We have been operating for nearly 60 years and will not jeopardize our reputation with investment in businesses that is not legal.

QUESTION: What is relationship between SMF and JP Morgan Chase?

ANSWER: JP Morgan is the correspondent bank used by certain beneficiary banks when

an Out-Going Money Transfer is requested.

QUESTION: Is that true your U.S office is virtual office? If yes, what is the purpose of having virtual office in U.S?

ANSWER: Our operations are mostly represented in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Many of our offices are operating as Representative status and only cater for our corporate investor but not open for public enquiries. New York is our Customer Service Office for Global Investors enquiries. We do not conduct our business activities there.


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  • 1. Ang Irene  |  November 13, 2006 at 7:08 pm

    All Investment is bound by contract whereby SwissCash will accept an investor’s principal investment; in return the Investors accept the fixed payment schedule as defined by the SIP that an investor chooses. According to this statement made, I’m just wondering what is the different schedule (period of investment) that we can choose from? If this period is over, are we allow to reclaim all investment made? What is the procedure like?

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  • 16. wanton  |  July 11, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    when i want register a favorites Beneficiary Account For Thrid parti , ask me a question : Relation ship ?
    First one : I define my Friend and give an Account in Losangeles Bank then rejected by swisscash
    second one : I Define My Partner And Give an Account in Losangeles Bank then rejected by swisscash
    What kind of Relationship do I Define ???

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